The Rhone-Alps region are an administrative region of France, formed of departments,: 
- of the Ain (01) 417 000 h 
- of the Ardèche (07) 277 600 h 
- of the Drôme (26) 414 100 h 
- of the Isère (38) 1 016 200 h 
- of the Loire (42) 746 300 h 
- of the Rhone (69) 1 509 000 h 
- of the Savoie (73) 348 300 h 
- of the Haute-Savoie (74) 568 300 h 
County seat: Lyon. 
The Prefecture of region is situated in Lyon. 
The surface is 43 698 km²s. 
The population is 5 296 800 inhabitants. 
Inhabitants are called of the Rhodaniens.


The Alps of the North possess the biggest domain of ski to the world. Close to 50 stations are classified. The Rhone-Alps region are a region of leisures «white» and «green». 
Some world leaders are present. They act in the varied domains. To know in fixings of skis, transports by cable, serums or vaccines. One finds the half of the French manufacture of glasses settings there. Rhone-Alps factory the two third of the solar glasses.


The Rhone-Alps region spread on the Beaujolais and the Of Lyons. It is a region of raising and locally, of such vineyards the coast of the Beaujolais. Are present of small mechanical industries and textiles. 
The region owes distribution socioprofessionnal of his active population and his economic importance in Lyons. 
The agglomeration nearly concentrates the totality of service activities and industrial. 
She regroups more than 80% of the total population of the department. 
Mountains and valleys are the major feature of the Rhone-Alps landscapes. 
The Alps of the North have an imposing mountainous massif. 
Rhone-Alps, is to the west the border of the central Massif and the southern part of the Jura also. 
The numerous valleys are often large. 
In the West part of the Alpine Massif, they sometimes penetrate very deeply in Massifs. 
The distribution of activities and men is canalized there by geography. 
It obeys a Est/West  and North/South grid. 
One finds the valley of the Rhone and the Saône there, the alpine valleys of the Isère, the Maurienne, the Tarentaise or the Arve. But as pierced it alpine of Grenoble to Geneva, by Chambéry, and Annecy or the valley of the Gier, of Saint-Etienne in Lyons. 
This landscape of big size shelters the second French economic region. 
Lyons is henceforth a metropolis of European level.

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