The region Rhone Alps are composed among others of the Dauphiné and the Savoie


Territories of the Dauphiné are to hands of the Ligureses, Celt and Romen by turns. Av. J. -C. The left strand of the Rhone forms the Viennese. He/it makes left of kingdom burgonde after Jesus Christ in 480, then sudden work franque. 
To the Vèmes and Xèmes century, he/it makes part successively of different kingdoms as the Provence-Viennese, Provence bosonienne and Burgundy-Provence. It is integrated to the Germanic empire at the time of the treaty of Verdun of 843. 
The Count of Albon Guigues VII takes the title of dolphin in 1098. Dolphin is an old forename. Three families follow each other to the head of the Dauphiné. It is about Albon, of 1029 to 1162, of The Burgundy, of 1192 to 1282 and The Tower-of-pine de1282 to 1349.

The Dauphiné is not inserted to the royal domain. It becomes the traditional appendage of the king's eldest son.  The treaty of Paris in 1355 stationary limits with the Savoie. 
The Charles dolphin, future Charles V, create the provincial States of the Dauphiné in 1357. 
He/it raises in Dauphiné the eagle top deck of priests ", symbol of the imperial suzerainty. 
Become the king of France Louis XI, don't give the Dauphiné to his son and in canned food the administration.  His successors, while guaranteeing privileges of the province, make some as much. 
Several from Savoie invasions are going to take place during wars of the league of Augsbourg and the Succession of Spain. 
In 1788, the assembly of Vizille asks some general states.


The Savoie at the age of the Pierre carved was lived by hunters magdalénienses.  Came then the Ligureses or populations of Mauriennes and mountainous Tarentaises. Celt and Romen penetrate these territories little. 
Before J. -C. 122 the consul Domitius Ahenobarbus beats Celt and their fundamental Genaba, become Geneva is annexed to the Provincia Romana. Toward 354 appears the Sapaudia word that designates present Savoie and a part of the Helvétie. It is inserted to kingdom mérovingien by sons of Clovis in 534. 
The influence of Counts of Savoie in Piedmont moves back to the profit of the empire and bishops of Turin. The Savoie is established in duchy in 1416. The XVémes and XVIèmes centuries confirm the influence of the Piedmont. In 1559 Emmanuel Philiberts transports her capital of Chambéry in Turin. 
Henceforth, the Savoie preserves his/her/its particular institutions (senate of Savoie and until 1720 room of accounts of Chambéry) within a State that himself italianise. 
The treaty of Lyons of 1601 gives up to Henri IV the Bresse, the Bugey and the country of Gex. The Savoie is occupied by France under Louis XIV. 1792 the Savoie is connected in France under the shape of the department of the White Mount. 

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