The economic flight has often been bound to the geographical constraints.  To one time, one didn't know how to transport electricity on long distances. 
This potential hydroelectric alpine is to the source of the development of the electrochemistry and the électrométallurgy. 
He is to the origin of industrialization rhônalpine. 
The from Savoie snowfields and their tourist value intensified the zone of eastward economic activity. 
Situations are more laborious to the South in mountains of the Drôme and to the west on the border of the such Central Massif the Ardèche and the Loire. 
By reason of its size and its population, Rhone-Alps are the second French region. 
She benefits rational assets.  It is a powerful industry that permitted the setting up of a tertiary sector of value, but also of the dense urban zones 
A «metropolis of balance» is the new city of the Ile d'Abeau   situated between Grenoble and Lyon.

In short some natural spaces allowed the extension of the tourism to big ladder. 
The industry, since the origin, is based on the natural resource exploitation. The region is the first in hydraulic electricity production. It represents more a third of the French production. The nuclear as for him about 60% of this production. 
The industrial structure is varied. Usinor is in the sector of the special steel metallurgy to Ugine. The Drôme and the Isère make the treatment of fuels. The neckline is made in the Valley of the Arve. It represents 65% of the French production, with society Eurodec Industries. 
One can note the abundance of domestic PMIS. 
The transformation of the plastic matters is made in the Rhone and around Oyonnax with the Grofillex enterprise. 
Him «passageway of the chemistry» is situated to the South of Lyons and in the Isère, the long of the Rhone. 
It concerns the chemistry, the parachimie, the pharmacy and satellites. 
Are present the Atochems societies, Elf, Péchiney, Rhone-Poulenc, Roussel-Uclaf and Saint-Gobain. 
The electric and electronic construction is to surroundings of Grenoble and Lyons, with Helwett-Packard, Thomson or Valéo. 
RVIS and SNR Rolling are bound to the automotive construction and material of transport. 
The agro-food has for name the BSNS societies or Evians. 
The industry of the Rhone-Alps region is varied very, so much as regards to the cloth of enterprises that of sectors. 
The tertiary plays a primordial role for the expansion of the region. 
In the last fifteen years, it is solely this sector that permitted the increase of the use. 
It is mainly about advice societies in enterprises and engineering. 
They are essentially situated in Grenoble and Lyon. 
The Stock market of Lyons gives a notoriety to the bank and the regional finance, or even national. 
The tourist activities express a big activity.

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